At Signa Digital Solutions, we understand the intricacies of the Healthcare Provider value chain which can be complex with a myriad of processes including:

  • Finding and meeting patients
  • Diagnosing and treating patient conditions
  • Discharging patients and billing for services rendered

Because of these unique needs, there are key document-intensive needs that require thoughtful and technical consideration:

Patient outreach. As Providers seek to build relationships with patients and other providers, marketing materials may be mailed or enclosed with billing statements to promote services and referrals as well as relationship and care management.

Patient admittance. At the patient admittance stage in the value chain, document-intensive processes include insurance verification, collecting and providing receipts for copayments, and chart creation — whether it is an electronic or a paper chart. Patients may complete admittance documentation, intake or registration forms, and a medical history form and provide referrals, signed informed consent, and advanced directive documents that need to be added to the chart.

Diagnosis. During the diagnosis stage, document-intensive processes may include orders for diagnostic tests. If the process is paper based, paper order slips will be generated and need to accompany the order to the department (e.g., laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, dietary, or transportation) that will complete it. Referrals to specialists or other providers may be generated. Once orders are completed, images, lab results, consultation notes, and radiology reports need to be delivered to the ordering provider. Charting and documentation are critical to the value chain during the diagnosis process.

Treatment. Treatment can involve many steps once a diagnosis is reached. In many cases, additional ordering for medication or patient education materials will make treatment a document intensive process, as prescriptions and patient education materials may be printed or delivered electronically. At this stage, referrals need to be authorized and may include additional specialists or prescriptions for medical devices and therapy. Charting and documentation are critical to the value chain during the treatment process.

Discharge. Discharge is a particularly document-intensive process because it involves a transition in care. Discharge instructions are provided for aftercare, either to the patient if the patient is discharged to go home or to other providers if the patient is discharged to another facility. A discharge summary is generated and added to the chart to facilitate billing. The patient statement and bills are generated, either for delivery to the patient or for submission to a payer. Prescriptions may also accompany the patient.

Billing. Billing may also be a document-intensive process. Bills/claims are generated by all of the providers and facilities involved in the patient's care, and presented to either payers or the patient for payment. Claims may need to be corrected and resubmitted if errors are made, and claims status updates may occur. Additional documents and duplicate statements may be required during the collection process.

Let Signa Digital Solutions be your partner in addressing the many complex needs in your Healthcare environment today.  Contact us now to see how we can help you make informed, cost-effective digital & printing decisions.

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