At Signa Digital Solutions, we understand that variety is the spice of life.  And when understanding all of the nuances of the legal space, we have a cupboard full of options!  If you’re looking to optimize your printing & imaging spend, then look no further.  Most law firms have no idea that they’re spending up to 3% of their total revenue on print and while at first blush that can seem like a small number, in truth it can represents tens of thousands of dollars!  At Signa, we know that whatever size of business you have, managing your costs can be challenging and some of the factors that you may need to consider include:

Revenue and profit pressures. The legal industry was hit hard by the economic downturn and recovery thus far has been somewhat hampered by other factors including Client pushback on pricing models and globalization of the industry in general.

Streamlining the collaboration workflow processes  Including sending files to specific workgroups, document reviews that can involve several paralegals and attorneys, managing central reproduction departments and outside vendors or facilities management for high volume printing.

Content management Indexing, searching and integration with Lexis/Nexis, iManage or Documentum.  expense/cost recovery, & security

MFPs and Legal
Multifunction peripherals fit well with the basic document-intensive processes in legal
firms. Basic printing and copying functionality is indispensible, of course, but the key
benefit of an MFP is that it can be a comprehensive document processing unit.
Important reasons and advantages to consider MFPs in the legal industry are as

  • Cost savings. When the costs are totaled together, the combined hardware/supplies/maintenance cost savings of an MFP make it a compelling choice for legal businesses to consider for their basic document functions versus separate copiers, printers, fax machines, and scanners.
  • Simplified supplies and maintenance. Because an MFP is one machine, the device requires only one set of supplies. Additionally, only one machine requires ongoing maintenance, whereas separate devices require multiple maintenance schedules and plans.
  • Ability to automate and streamline repetitive manual process. Utilizing onetouch button software, an MFP can automate and streamline manual repetitive processes for a repeatable, successful outcome. For instance, law firms need to scan, copy, print, send, fax, and archive case documents for each attorney, paralegal, client, and the court. Those same files are then either faxed or sent via email to each of these constituents. Finally, the documents are archived to a file server. An MFP can automate these activities and reduce the overall manual effort.
  • Ability to track costs. An MFP using cost recovery software can track all scans, copies, prints, faxes, and sent case documents with client, matter, and submatter. These associated costs can then be billed back to either clients or
  • Connectors to third party. An MFP can employ software connectors to send case documents to back-end case management, document management, and archiving servers.
  • Space savings. An MFP also offers law firms the advantage of using considerably less space than four separate machines. Legal organizations can then make the most of their office real estate and use valued floor and desk space for activities more directly related to the practice.

As you can see, Signa Digital Solutions understands your unique needs and we would love to speak with you about improving workflow, optimizing your floorspace and cutting costs.  Contact us now for further information!

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