Manufacturers face serious challenges – from globalization and market volatility to increasing client demands, shrinking margins & more.  To compete, you must be lean, innovative & agile.
Signa Digital Solutions understands the challenges you face and we are here to help.  We are dedicated to helping you optimize your print & image environment so that you can save money and time and focus on your business goals.

We understand that you need to:

  1. Operate with speed & efficiency: whether you compete locally or globally chances are you are looking for opportunities to streamline operations, reduce costs and generate new products faster than competitors.  You may be inclined to invest in solutions and technologies that can help facilitate these goals.
  2. Critical Proprietary information must be protected: In manufacturing, intangible assets can sometimes be more valuable than tangible ones.  Protecting documents that contain intellectual property around trade secrets, competitive information, and strategic plans can be an extremely high priority. Loss or theft of such information can hurt a company’s ability to be competitive and has the potential to damage a brand in the eyes of both partners and the public. Implementing secure processes and theft-detection systems can provide added insurance against this.
  3. The industry is highly regulated: There are strong social and political pressures to protect employees, customers, and the environment.
    Manufacturers must understand and comply with regulations designed to
    ensure products are developed safely and are safe for end-users. Helping
    a manufacturer comply with these rules and regulations can help expedite
    product development, speed approvals, reduce waste, manage costs, and help protect against unnecessary audits or litigation.

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Signa's employees exemplify the meaning of customer service they have gone above and beyond at every point. They listened to our needs and were able to put together a solid leasing package and sold us the equipment that best meets our needs. Never did I get the feeling they were trying to sell us something that wasn't right for us. They listened, and then fulfilled our needs.

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