Remote Services

Remote Services

Instead of dreading the next break down of your device, Signa can monitor your system via a secure connection. Our highly skilled Engineers take a proactive approach to Print Management. We anticipate service issues long before they become problems. An investment in our Managed Services pays for itself in practical solutions and peace of mind.

We offer:

  • Pro-active Planned Service
  • 24 X 7 Device Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Supply & Service Monitoring
  • Meter Review / Audit
  • Complete Device Reporting
  • Alert Management
  • Device Administration
  • Remote Problem Resolution

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Pro-active Performance Monitoring Services

Signa offers monitoring for most all Multifunction devices, print devices and Business Processes.

The Signa Remote User interface is a web-based service that monitors the availability and performance of all network devices installed within your organization, collecting real time information. These agents then connect and report this information via the Internet to secure IVE monitoring servers where the information is consolidated and analyzed before being presented in an online portal.

The current status of your servers, applications, databases and networks can be viewed within the IVE secure reporting portal by your staff with appropriate authentication without the need for investment in additional local servers or management software. Monitoring and Alert services are tailored to your business with four levels of monitoring available:

  • PT 1- Monitoring
  • PT 1- PLUS Monitoring
  • PT 2- Performance Monitoring
  • PT 2- Performance Plus Monitoring

The performance information collected can be analyzed continuously and filtered according to specific criteria set to your business parameters. Any abnormal activity monitored can then automatically generate instant alerts to your support staff via SMS, pager, email or online portal, ensuring you are best placed to correct issues before they impact your business.

Pro-active Monitoring Features that Deliver Real Business Benefits
  • Digital Remote Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting
  • Offers Event Management Functionality without the need for capital hardware expenditure
  • Designed to be easy to use with no implementation requirements, fitting transparently into existing environments
  • Reduces complexity enabling you to focus on business activities
  • Enables you to proactively highlight issues to the right personnel before they impact business
  • Hosted co-located site giving ease of access
  • Remotely distributed agent with no downtime
  • 128bit Encryption for secure traffic outbound only
  • Unrivalled versatility on operating systems, applications and hardware
The Service
  • Software and Application Management Service
  • We provide a single service solution which can replace or integrate with existing 3rd party products
  • Break/Fix and fully Managed Solutions available
  • Automated online reporting
  • Technology road-mapping with trend analysis
  • First hand audit trails available for customer access as requested
The Advantage
  • Remote hardware diagnosis of an infrastructure at the fraction of the cost
  • Pre-emptive awareness reducing time to respond
  • Increased first time fix as a result of detailed failure information
  • Positive identification of cause resulting in stream line response to call process
  • Service Management, Application Management and Capacity Management

Signa's Remote Diagnostic Services provide real-time, pro-active monitoring of the Print Environment that defines your business activities, irrespective of the mix and make of technology you use. Live views of your print environment and the ability to provide instant alerts to the appropriate support staff, ensures your print performance and assets are maintained before issues impact your business

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