The Signa Difference

The Signa Story

The Signa Story

After many years in the printing & imaging industry, Shannon Kirby determined that he had a unique philosophy that he knew would resonate within the business environment. Shannon and his wife, Michele, started Signa Digital Solutions because they knew they could make a difference in the San Diego digital marketplace. They saw that there were few companies that could or would provide the type of services that they could. So with a passion for excellent customer service, a desire to provide world-class products & solutions, they set out to accomplish the goal of building their own successful business while always keeping customer satisfaction the #1 goal. No other company is as single-mindedly focused on optimizing the print environment and deliver top-notch, hands-on, local service.

Shannon & Michele set about to simplify the process with the customer in mind so they don't have to worry about the care of the machine. They took the human error out of billing and toner fulfillment and focused on making the customer experience better. They have achieved this goal by implementing these processes:

  • Utilizing Technology to capture Meter reads and Toner reads that would simplify the Toner/Meter experience.
  • Harnessing Technology to be proactive and plan service calls, to plan part replacement, to plan a call before the customer experiences a down machine.
  • The ability to plan all parts, all consumables, and preventative maintenance service calls. "We know when machines are about to fail so we plan a call before they do."
  • Start small but grow with customers as they learned of our ability and enjoyed a more personal experience with service.

With this knowledge Signa is more competitive and less costly because we can buy parts ahead of time and be prepared for a service interval. Signa's labor costs are less because we spend less time running back and forth for parts.

We value the timely and efficient customer service that Signa Digital Solutions provides for us. We really appreciate how friendly and knowledgeable the staff is when we call. Whether it's a hardware or supply request, Signa always gets back to us quickly and helps us solve problems that keep our business running smoothly.

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