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As expanding technology migrates paper-based documents from the filing cabinets to an organization’s network and cloud storage, security measures have increased to protect this vital, and confidential information. However, this great technology comes with new, previously unrecognized security concerns. As part of our MPS program, we offer tools to help you secure all the traffic your documents are being sent by.

Nothing is safe if your printers aren’t secure

Critical gaps may exist in your imaging and printing environment. Signa helps protect data with encrypted printing, scanning and hard disks. Our printers feature anti-malware software to detect, stop and report anomalies. We can help reduce unclaimed print jobs, protect sensitive documents and deter tampering or fraud.

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Data and Network Security

An increase of data security breaches is impacting organizations on a global scale. 60% of businesses globally that were implicated by a security breach were attacked via their printer/copier. Signa offers security solutions and firmware assessments of your environment to show you how to shore up your defense against modern day hackers.

Secure Printing anywhere with HP Secure MPS

Today, work happens anywhere. More people accross more places need secure access to critical business systems, documents, and IT infrastructure. Distributed endpoint mean an expanded attack suface area that intruders are constantly scanning for the weakest link. HP Wolf Enterprise Security fiercely defends your network and reputation with Layered security defenses that start at the hardware level providing extensive print security from start up protection to ongoing detection. Zero Trust print framework delivers modern athentication and access control, policy- based configuration, strong data protection and toolsets that enable active monitoring with the ability to act upon anomalouse activity in real-time.

Control Access Control Cost

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Monitor Usage


User Authentication

Control who has access to the device, and to which features, using a host of flexible authentication methods.


Track and Assess Costs

Track and assess print, copy, scan, and fax costs so that they can be allocated to departments or projects.

78% of companies don’t monitor their printers for security threats.

Signa helps ensure only authenticated users and devices access your print network and keep your data encrypted.

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